Ready when you are

    Deciding you're ready to have a baby is an incredible moment. It's also the chance to arm yourself with information about your own fertility. 

    No matter the moment, when you decide you’re ready to have a baby, we’re here to help.

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    Your Fertility Family

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    Life. Pass it on

    There are many people out there who need help to start a family, and you could be carrying something special to make that happen. Sperm donation gives people the chance to experience parenthood when they otherwise might not be able to.

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    Become an egg donor

    Right now you could be carrying something vital for a family in need.

    Your egg donation can change lives.

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  • Genetics

    New Medicare rebates for Genetic Carrier screening

    Effective from 1 November 2023, Medicare is introducing new rebates for essential carrier screening tests. 

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Tasmania's Leading IVF & Fertility Specialists

Sometimes it takes a village to start a family.

Meet your village.

When starting a family becomes hard to do, and you need more than the support of loved ones, we are here to provide expertise and care on your fertility journey.
At TasIVF, a part of Virtus Health, your doctor, counsellor, nurses, care team and laboratory team work together to give you the best possible chance of success.
It all starts with a comprehensive fertility assessment, followed by a highly personalised plan to parenthood. You’ll have the support of an entire team, with access to the most advanced science and effective fertility treatments available.

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Watch Channel 9's IVF documentary series

Big Miracles showcases just how diverse, and how common it is, to require fertility support to help people grow their family. We've opened our doors to filming crews to reveal the full IVF journey. 

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TasIVF’s 2019 Success Rate data is now available. Click here to learn more and view our guides for understanding IVF success rates.


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Four years ago, TasIVF began a process to improve our quality of patient service from the ground up.  Learn about the significant outcomes of these efforts here.

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Check out our new Youtube Channel, dedicated to all things fertility! From pregnancy planning right through to fertility treatments. Watch new videos weekly.

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Find the latest research, studies and fertility related information to support you on your fertility journey.