Bulk Bill IVF

As Tasmania’s first fertility clinic providing IVF treatment for over 30 years, TasIVF has always been committed to providing affordable fertility services to all Tasmanians. We understand that the cost of IVF treatment is a reason some couples don’t seek treatment, particularly given that more than one treatment cycle is usually required in order to achieve a pregnancy. That’s why we are now offering Bulk Billed IVF and FET cycles in both our Hobart and Launceston clinics.

Are there any fees associated with Bulk Bill IVF?

Whilst the cycles themselves are bulk billed, it is important to be aware that eligible patient’s will still have some out of pocket expenses, as some expenses aren’t covered by Medicare. These include Day Surgery fees, some pathology tests and your medications.

Typical out of pocket expenses vary and are usually in the range of $795 - $1095.

Are there any differences in a Bulk Bill IVF clinic?

Our Bulk Bill Clinic in Hobart is attended by our clinicians on a rotating roster, so you will not necessarily see the same doctor throughout all stages of your treatment. However, you will share a large part of your IVF journey with our experienced nursing team who provide dedicated support throughout all your appointments, from your first nursing appointment, blood tests and scans, to treatment options. By drawing on our extensive experience in IVF, we’ve been able to streamline our approach to treatment, creating this more affordable treatment option.

Is everyone eligible for Bulk Bill IVF?

TasIVF highlights that not all patients will be suitable to access the Bulk Billed treatment model. It is important to understand that the way these treatments are managed may mean that you are not suitable for this type of treatment and this will be determined by your doctor based on an assessment of your individual circumstances.

When making an appointment, you need to tell the receptionist that it is for the Bulk Bill Clinic.