julie findlay donor coordinator

Julie Findlay

Throughout your participation in our donor program, you’ll have one point of contact to turn to whenever you need.

TasIVF offers Tasmania’s most comprehensive donor program supporting recipients and donors of sperm, eggs or embryos, as well as surrogacy.

Julie Findlay manages all donor-related enquiries that come through to TasIVF and maintains contact with all donor patients as they move through the stages of the various procedures.  Initial consultations can be done in person or over the phone, depending on your location and nature of your enquiry, and you’ll be provided with information booklets  to support you from the start of your journey.

Throughout your participation in the donor program, Julie is always on hand to answer your questions – including contact details to reach her on out of office days. Giving you the support you need, however much or little, is what Julie loves most about her role and feels that no question is too trivial.

Julie first registered as a nurse in 1983 and as a midwife in 1989. She moved into fertility nursing in 2008 before becoming TasIVF’s Donor Coordinator in 2009. Since that time, Julie has put several process improvements in place to streamline and improve the donor service that TasIVF offers to its patients.

Read more about the TasIVF donor program, or phone 03 6212 7700 or email the donor team.