1 October 2015

TasIVF to open new clinic in Launceston

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TasIVF is extending its network of care, with a new clinic opening in Launceston by the end of October to assist the increasing number of people needing fertility treatment to start their family.

“TasIVF has always offered consultations with fertility specialists in Launceston and Devonport. However, the new clinic to open in the Victoria Tower in Launceston at the end of this month will improve the care for locals,” said Dr Bill Watkins, Medical Director TasIVF.

“Our new clinic will offer fertility assessments, as well as treatments including ovulation induction (OI), intrauterine insemination (IUI) and simplified IVF,” he explained.

Simplified IVF (also known as Low Stimulation IVF) is a lower cost IVF treatment, where the laboratory procedures remain the same as standard IVF, but a lower dose of medication is used to stimulate egg production. The intent is to produce fewer eggs than a standard IVF cycle. These eggs are then collected under sedation rather than a full anaesthetic. 

“This simplified IVF treatment is suited to younger women with a good ovarian reserve. Not all patients will be suited to  the service. Women with other health issues such as being morbidly obese for example will not be suitable for the simplified IVF treatment in Launceston. We will continue to provide fertility treatment at our full service clinic in Hobart for these more complex cases. 

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