IVF Treatment Costs

At TasIVF, we provide access to world-class fertility treatment and advanced science.

Many fertility treatments attract a rebate from Medicare. The Medicare Safety Net also provides additional rebates for people with large medical expenses. Once you reach the Medicare Safety Net threshold in a calendar year, Medicare will pay an additional rebate on selected items.

The tables below provide an estimate of your out of pocket costs for fertility treatment and associated services with TasIVF. Once your personalised treatment plan has been agreed between you and your specialist, our experienced patient support team will provide you with a detailed cost estimate so you are fully aware of the total fee and out of pocket costs for your fertility treatment. 

How much does IVF cost?
Treatment Costs Correct at 1/11/2021Cycle PaymentEstimated out of pocket costs 1st cycle in a calendar year (safety net not reached)Estimated out of pocket costs 1st cycle in a calendar year (safety net reached)
IVF cycle$7,935$4296.15$2448.95
Frozen Embryo transfer (FET)$2,492$1577.70$797.80
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)$1,205$654.65$510.65
Embryo/Sperm/Oocyte storage ( 6 months)$204$204$204
Embryoscope time-lapse incubationNo additional charge
Artificial Intelligence embryo selectionNo additional charge
Continuous culture mediumNo additional charge
Electronic Identify System (RFID)No additional charge
Pre-treatment expenses

Fertility specialist consultation and initial tests

The first step in any treatment plan is to consult a TasIVF fertility specialist who will assess your medical history and determine what is most appropriate for your individual circumstances. There is a Medicare rebate for this initial consultation. Please check with your chosen fertility specialist with regards to the out of pocket fee that you can expect.

Before you begin treatment your fertility specialist may request some further investigations, such as blood tests (many of these are bulk-billed), semen analysis or ultrasound tests. For tests that are not bulk-billed, you may be able to claim part of these costs back through Medicare.

New patient appointments

If your fertility specialist recommends in vitro fertilisation (IVF) or artificial insemination (IUI) you will need to attend two information sessions. At these, we tell you what you need to know about your upcoming treatment. 

  • Patient Information Session: a session with a fertility nurse who explains the IVF cycle (with any specific medications your doctor has ordered for you), teaches you injections techniques and discusses your medications.
  •  Patient liaison administration: to explain the costs associated with your treatment, estimated Medicare rebates and the role of private health care insurance. 
IVF medications & Hospital Fees


While most IVF medications are covered by Medicare, some are not. You should allow up to $500 for medication for each treatment cycle. However, this may be significantly less, depending on your treatment.

Hospital Bed Fees

Hospital bed fees and anaesthetic fees associated with the egg collection and embryo transfer are not included in the IVF cost table. Private hospital insurance may cover some or all of these costs, and we advise you to check with your private health fund.

When you have and egg collection or embryo transfer you are admitted to Hobart Specialist Day Hospital. When contacting your private health fund provider, please quote item numbers 13212 (egg collection) and 13215 (embryo transfer).

If you do not have private insurance, the cost of your procedure will vary with anaesthetist. As a guide, you can expect to pay up to $1,095 for the day hospital egg collection procedure and $545 for the embryo transfer procedure. The anaesthetist fee is approximately $200-$600 and a Medicare rebate will apply.

Pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT)

PGT testing is performed by Virtus Health Specialist Diagnostics (VHSD).  VHSD will bill you for these services.

Karyomapping evaluation$1648.10

*This fee is a per embryo cost, with a maximum fee for cryopreserved embryos from one stimulated IVF cycle capped at $3,995 for up to 10 embryos.  If more than 10 embryos require testing it is $400 for each embryo over 10.

Medicare and IVF

Most IVF services we provide attract a Medicare rebate that leaves only a residual out-of-pocket cost. The Extended Medicare Safety Net means up to 80% of your out-of-pocket costs may be covered, but this will vary according to your individual circumstances and how much you spend on eligible medical services during a calendar year. There may also be additional costs if you don't have some form of private medical insurance.

Before commencing treatment, patients should confirm with Medicare that they are registered for the Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN). To be eligible for a Medicare rebate, you must ensure the referral from your usual doctor to a TasIVF clinician is current (GP referrals are valid for 12 months and Specialist referrals are valid for 3 months).

Tas IVF payment options

TasIVF required payment on Day 1 of the cycle.  TasIVF will lodge a claim electronically with Medicare on your behalf on the first business day after your completion of your cycle.  Your Medicare Rebate will be deposited into your nominated bank account, within 3-5 working days of your claim being lodged. 


TasIVF now has a new credit card payment facility. Patients can now access a secure online portal in order to register payment information prior to commencement of treatment. Payment card details will be stored within the Westpac Quickstream System which has the highest standard of security to protect your personal details.

Please register your details here:


Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Fund Transfers can be made to TasIVF. If transferring payment to TasIVF electronically you must include your TasIVF ID Number in the Reference field to identify the deposit.  We recommend you do not use this payment method as the Banks often do not note the reference number, making it difficult for us to trace your payment.  Email admin@tasivf.com.au a copy of the EFT payment receipt.


Electronic funds transfer details

Bank: Westpac Banking Corp
Account Name: TasIVF  

BSB: 037-001   

Account Number: 684 415

Can I access superannuation to pay for IVF?  

Accessing your Superannuation for fertility treatment is an individual choice. TasIVF is happy to introduce SuperCare, an external services provider which assists both individuals and their families in accessing superannuation to cover medical costs.

SuperCare can facilitate funding required for various fertility treatments including:

  • IVF & ICSI
  • Donor program services (including donor sperm and eggs)
  • Fertility preservation (including egg freezing)

SuperCare is the only organisation in Australia which is dedicated to assisting people in accessing their Superannuation fund for medical treatment, with a primary goal to help create and support healthy families by relieving financial stress and tension. Patients using SuperCare’s service are supported through each step of the application process by a dedicated consultant, helping them achieve an easy and efficient result. 

Patients just need to contact SuperCare directly to enquire. This can be done by visiting the SuperCare website: mysupercare.com.au

Approval of early release of super is required before commencing treatment, please refer to the Health and Human Services Website

For more information on the costs of treatment with TasIVF, please phone 03 6212 7700 or email us.