Why choose TasIVF?

As part of Virtus Health, TasIVF has more experienced fertility specialists, offering many treatment options, in more locations, to create more babies than any other fertility group. 

TasIVF has been helping people start their families since the early 1980s. We established the first in vitro fertilisation (IVF) clinic in Tasmania, in Hobart in 1983. 

On the 1st May 1984, the first ‘TasIVF baby’ was born – and since then we’ve helped thousands of couples and individuals realise their dreams of starting a family.

Today, we remain the most comprehensive provider of IVF and fertility treatments and services in Tasmania. We offer a range of ways to help if you’re having difficulties falling pregnant, have a need for assisted conception, or if you just want to check your fertility with a view to starting a family in the future. 

Our highly qualified, experienced fertility specialists provide patient consultations in Hobart and Launceston while our main IVF unit and laboratories are located at 2 Melville Street in Hobart. 

And we’re behind one in every 23 births in Tasmania.

How can we help?

Tas IVF provides comprehensive fertility assessment, a range of simple, non-invasive treatments, such as Ovulation Induction and Artificial Insemination, plus more advanced procedures including IVF And ICSI. 

We also offer fertility preservation services including egg, embryo and sperm freezing, and operate a comprehensive donor program.

An exceptional specialist team

TasIVF’s Fertility Specialists are experienced in the complete range of fertility treatments, and have all undergone additional training after their gynaecology and obstetrics qualifications. Each is an expert in their field, and is supported by our wider team of scientists, nurses, counsellors and admin staff.

TasIVF is very proud of the fact that we offer patient’s access to the only two fertility specialists in Tasmania that hold the advanced Certificate in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI). Possession of CREI qualification demonstrates that your fertility specialist is fully trained to provide the highest level of expertise to patients with reproductive endocrine and infertility disorders.

Watch our specialist team in action in the Big Miracles documentary.

Why choose TasIVF?

Making the decision to begin fertility treatment can be a challenging one. But with TasIVF you’re in experienced, expert hands. As part of the Virtus Health Group, we offer the latest treatments in reproductive and fertility medicine.

TasIVF was one of the first IVF treatment facilities established in Australia. We are very proud of our history and our achievements, and we look forward to helping you on your journey to successful pregnancy.

We are fully accredited by the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC). This means we maintain the highest standards at all times, across all aspects of our care and services. 

So what does it mean to start your journey to parenthood with us?

With TasIVF:

  • You'll be treated by the most experienced and qualified fertility specialists in Tasmania
  • You’ll have the highest level of professional care in all aspects of your fertility treatment
  • You’ll receive fertility treatment in a confidential, compassionate and highly supportive environment
  • You’ll always be fully informed and kept up to date on all aspects of your treatment and care
  • Your treatment is unique to you and, we’ll work with you to ensure the appointments and treatments are scheduled with your day-to-day routine, and
  • You’re in the hands of experts that work as a team to ensure you have the best experience and the best results with us.

Our philosophy:

  • To promote a supportive, friendly and relaxed environment
  • To provide an environment of open communication and rapport with patients
  • To promote and facilitate men’s and women’s health
  • To inform people so they can make decisions that are right for them – and then support those decisions
  • To help people reach realistic goals and accept infertility issues, through wide-ranging education and support
  • To continuously improve the way we support and communicate with each other as a team, and provide all staff with personal and professional development opportunities
  • To promote a greater collective knowledge, improve our skills and develop a better understanding of the unique physical and psychological needs of people needing fertility support, and
  • To be a key member of the Virtus Health group, giving TasIVF patients access to the most advanced fertility science available in Australia and worldwide.

If you are having trouble conceiving, get expert advice from one of our fertility specialists who can assess your fertility and discuss your options to help you have a baby. To book an appointment please call 1800 111 483 or email us.

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