If you decide to use donor eggs, embryos or sperm to achieve a pregnancy, there are significant considerations involved. Your Donor Programme and the Donor Team will support you at every stage of the journey.

We understand that both donors and recipients need to make considered and informed decisions, and it helps to have a familiar face throughout the process.

A member of the donor team will be your main point of contact throughout the process, and can help you with advice on the medical treatment process, legal responsibilities and social issues, as well as how to advertise for a potential egg donor.

The Donor Team will provide:

  • Information packs when you first enquire about our donor programme
  • Information session to recipients regarding the appropriate donor programme processes
  • Support for sperm donors, including flexible appointment times and expense reimbursements (for clinic-recruited sperm donors)
  • Support and reassurance whilst undertaking the process prior to commencing treatment

Together with our patient liaison administrators, we will help to organise your registration, and all pre-treatment medical and counselling appointments.