23 April 2020

COVID-19 Update: We look forward to welcoming you back to TasIVF

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We are pleased that the Government has announced the restrictions on IVF and elective surgeries will be lifted on 27th April. This means we will be restarting fertility treatment now.

Patients who would like to restart their treatment should call 1800 111 483  / 1800 842 862 to arrange an appointment with their doctor. New patients who are interested in starting treatment are also welcome to book in with one of our fertility specialists to start their journey.

Our clinics will need to continue to operate a little bit differently, and we are introducing some new measures to make sure that the quality of patient care isn’t compromised while we increase our infection control and safety protocols. We can assure you that our preparations will make our facilities as safe as it’s possible to be:

  • Patients will be tested for COVID-19 where appropriate and as advised by their doctor. We will aim for a 48-hour turnaround of results to minimize interruption to treatment.
  • We are continuing to practise social distancing in our clinics. Our fertility specialists, nurses, counsellors and administrators will continue consulting via phone or online video conferencing, where appropriate.  Appointments that require face to face contact will be less than 15 minutes in duration.    
  • We will check the temperature of everyone entering our facilities.  Please stay home and call your Doctor if you are unwell.  
  • We will continue with our increased hygiene for infection control, including:
    • Using hand sanitisation before and after contact with our patients.
    • Following cough etiquette by maintaining the 1.5 metre distance rule, wherever possible.
    • Where social distancing is not possible, such as for blood tests and scans, utilising masks and appropriate protective equipment
    • Continuing washing down all surfaces between patients with disinfectants
    • Implementing strict staff protocols - if any staff, or their families, display even mild symptoms, they know to stay at home and we will arrange for them to be tested.

No evidence of increased risk to pregnant women or babies

Current research on COVID-19 and its effects on fertility is limited. However, the results are reassuring with no evidence of mother-to-baby transmission during pregnancy. The available evidence does not suggest any serious consequences for fetal development, newborn babies, or women in pregnancy.

Our advice is low-risk patients going through assisted reproduction are unlikely to be at any higher risk of complications than anyone else.

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