22 January 2021

Important Update: Recent media reports on COVID-19 and male fertility

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Important Update: recent media reports on COVID-19 and male fertility

You may have seen recent reports about a new study warning that COVID-19 may affect fertility in men.

Q: What does the research look at?

A: International scientists have reviewed existing studies to examine whether COVID-19 affects male fertility.

Q: What did they find?

A: An early study suggests that COVID-19 has the potential to cause testicular tissue damage in men that have had severe disease. There is a plausible link for this as the ACE 2 receptor is present in high concentrations in the testes as well as the lungs.

Q: Does this mean COVID-19 affects male fertility? 

A: COVID-19 has its most serious effects on the lungs, and for male infertility, it is unknown if the effect on the testes is long-term or temporary. However, we know in other viral illnesses that affect the testes, there is usually full recovery in testicular function.

We would like to assure our patients that as this is early data, more research is needed to confirm these preliminary results and if there is any long-term impact on male fertility. 

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