23 May 2016

TasIVF applauds the women of Tasmania for their generosity

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The generosity of Tasmania women donating their eggs to help other women and couples have a chance for the family they dream of is unique and highlights the community of women in Tasmania.

“For many women, using an egg donor may be their only option for becoming a mum. We’ve never had such an overwhelming response to the call for egg donors before, normally demand for donated eggs outstrips supply,” said Dr Bill Watkins, Medical Director TasIVF. “We are thrilled with the response from local women wanting to help others. It looks like we could have the first Australian egg bank in the country within months.”

The recent TasIVF Facebook campaign urging women to consider the ‘Mother of all Gifts’, the ultimate gift of life, received over 80 enquires with approximately 30 women already undergoing the compulsory counselling in preparation for egg donation. 

“Typically an egg donor has been a woman donating to a specific friend or family member. This campaign has encouraged anonymous donors to come forward and donate.   As a donor you have the option of reviewing potential recipient’s profiles and selecting the recipient(s) of your choice,” explained Dr Watkins.
In Australia donating any human tissue or gametes (eggs and sperm) needs to be an altruistic gift – it is illegal in Australia for donors to be paid. TasIVF maintains a secure register of all past donors, which the children conceived from the donation have the option to access when they turn 18.

“Ideally donors are around 25- 35 years of age, we generally cap the age of egg donors at 40. It is also desirable that egg donors have completed their own families. If you have a partner, we ask that they attend donor counselling sessions with you so you both understand the implications of the donation,” he explained.
“The response has been stunning. On behalf of our patients we want to thank the women of Tasmania,” said Dr Watkins. “The generous response is so greatly appreciated. If anyone else is considering donating please contact us as we need an ongoing supply of eggs.”

To talk with TasIVF’s donor coordinator for more information on becoming an egg donor call  (03) 6224 1808

Further media enquires contact Nic Phillips 0408280499

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