12 September 2017

Virtus Health Australia’s leading Fertility group delivers patient care

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In response to media reports this week we would like to make it clear that the Virtus Health fertility specialists are leaders in their field as a consequence of the care they provide to their patients. Our specialists are medical practitioners first and foremost who are driven by their desire to treat patients in the complex and rewarding field of infertility. Our doctors build their practices on the basis of their professional reputations for providing good advice and care to patients. There is no reason for our doctors to risk damaging their reputations with their patients and their peers by the inappropriate use of infertility treatments.

The Virtus share ownership scheme allows our specialists to maintain an ongoing involvement in their medical company. This has a negligible effect on a doctors income and has no influence at all on clinical practice. The plan was carefully researched with high level legal advice to make sure it complied with the Good Medical Practice Code of Conduct in Australia issued by the Medical Board of Australia. The Medical Board defines acceptable methods of paying doctors and the Virtus plan was carefully designed to ensure that we carry out best practice.

For centuries doctors have been paid to see patients and treat them. Doctors working in a large organisation such as Virtus Health often accept a lower level of remuneration than they could earn in solo practice in exchange for access to better facilities and the latest technologies and services so they can treat their patients and deliver best possible care.

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